South Toledo diner remembers shooting victim

South Toledo diner remembers shooting victim

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A neighborhood diner remembers Gordon Capshaw as a long-time customer and dear friend and discussed what they'll miss most about him.

"Everything. Sometimes I let out my anger on him, and he takes it. No one else can take it. He always laughed it off," said Suzanne Asad, a long-time friend of Capshaw's and server at the diner.

Gordan Capshaw, 75, was well-known at the Green Lantern Diner. He came in nearly every day where he would sit at his favorite booth, eat a burger  and read his paper.

Workers at the diner said he was an understanding friend and customer. He wanted to beautify the south Toledo neighborhood to match downtown's growth. He was improving a house he owned on Emerald Avenue when he was shot.

Diner employees also knew Christopher Krauzer. They find it hard to understand why police said Krauzer would shoot Capshaw:

"I can't say nothing bad about Chris either, because he's been in here, he always watch for my store. He always watch if somebody, mainly at the dumpster, if somebody dump anything.  He right away let me know," said Maurice Habbouche, owner of the Green Lantern Diner.

Perhaps, they will miss Gordan's easy-going personality most. His friend of 40 years will.

"Gordon, the things about him, he's always smiling, and he's always joking. He's fun, you know," said Habbouche.

Gordon Capshaw leaves behind a wife and two sons.

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