New plant coming to Toledo will bring about 30 jobs to the area

New plant coming to Toledo will bring about 30 jobs to the area

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A new addition to the Toledo landscape was introduced Friday when Japanese prototyping company TPAM opened a 62,000-square-foot facility.

The plant will create prototypes of automotive and industrial parts.  The company said it will help create 30 jobs here in Toledo.

"What we'd like to promise to the community is as our business operations expand, electronic vehicles, self-driving cars, and the other cutting-edge pieces of the automotive industry, we're going to be expanding with Toledo," said Hideki Sasaki, the CEO of Topia, the parent company of TPAM, in Japanese. "We've already taken on local staff, we'll be looking to take on more."

The group said it's not only investing in local people but also $4 million into the community.

"They chose Toledo for all the reasons that people like myself have been talking about for years," said Toledo mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz. "It's a wonderful location, certainly for a company tied to the auto industry. They're just down the road from the big three auto makers."

"The big three are located very close to this area and it's equidistant to Japanese manufacturers, such as Honda, who relocated to the United States, as well as the interstate for transportation and delivering our goods and services," Sasaki said.

For Kapszukiewicz, TPAM's investment is great news. But he said it also speaks to an overarching theme here in Toledo.

"Toledo really is on the comeback and it's not just because politicians like me say so. It's because businesses like this recognize it," Kapszukiewicz said.

TPAM said it received private and public grants and incentives when choosing to open the plant in Toledo.

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