Allstate ranks Toledo in top 100 for best drivers nationwide

Allstate ranks Toledo in top 100 for best drivers nationwide

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Allstate released a new report crediting Toledo with the 66th best drivers in the United States.

The report ranked 200 American cities based on the likelihood to make insurance claims. Six of Ohio's major cities made the list of best drivers as well

You can see the full report here.

"We're excited that we've got the quality drivers around Toledo," said Rebecca Dangelo, an ODOT spokesperson.

But Amber Myers doesn't buy the report's rating of the Glass City.

"I'm from New York," Myers said. "Not the city so upstate New York, but driving there seems to be far more relaxed than here."

Rudy Prescod had a different view. Other than one remaining issue, he thinks it's a fair assessment.

"My biggest concern is sometimes I see too many people on the phone while they're driving but other than that I think it's a fairly accurate report," Prescod said.

"Any distracted driving is obviously not good and illegal, and you're putting yourself at risk for crashes, but you're also putting other people at risk, so there's also that selfishness to that," Dangelo said.

Regardless of where you stand, ODOT insisted we all keep our eyes on the road for safety purposes and maybe a bump in next year's rankings.

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