Pet owners beware: Flu season is among us and your furry friend

Pet owners beware: Flu season is among us and your furry friend

LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - Pet owners, beware: It's flu season and it's not only hitting us humans.

"We did have a pretty bad spell all over town for a couple weeks of upper respiratory, but without doing some specific testing, we don't really know the underlying cause because there's many, many different things that can cause the same symptoms," said Dr. Anne Bergstrom, a veterinarian at the West Toledo Animal Hospital.

Bergstrom told WTOL she hasn't seen any actual cases of influenza yet this year, but still plenty of sick dogs. And, believe it or not, it can partially be attributed to their social lives.

"We go more places," Bergstrom said. "Day care, boarding, grooming, a lot of dogs travel with their owners, so there's a lot more exposure and it's no different than colds and stuff for us."

So, what if your dog gets sick?

Bergstrom said it often has to run its course, and acknowledged medications and testing can be expensive, but in some cases, the cost of those tests can be significantly reduced.

"Medications vary in cost depending on size of dogs and what medications the particular veterinarian feels is best for that dog, so that can vary," Bergstrom said. "There can be some assistance with the cost of the tests which unfortunately, testing is the expensive part. That runs approximately $200 per test."

Bergstrom added that while she hasn't seen any actual cases of canine flu so far this year, the best bet if your dog is diagnosed is just to let it ride itself out and treat them with care and comfort at home just like human beings.

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