Wood County has a new emergency response system

Wood County has a new emergency response system

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - A 9-11 phone call is one we all hope we never need to make.

Those who live in Wood County, will be happy to learn that they'll be getting help sent to them much quicker.

This past week first responders throughout Wood County made a transition from analog to digital radios. It's a process that has been in the works for two years.

The new digital system means that the messages communicated on the radio will be more clear.

"It gives the ability for agencies to talk to each other and that's within the county and cross county lines. they will have the ability to talk to state agencies or any incoming fire departments, EMS units from across the state," said Wood County Emergency Management Director Brad Gilbert.

Federal and state governments have been mandating first responders transition to using these types of units since 9-11. The system also has the ability to track the radio's first responders are using.

"So the dispatcher will not know when they key up who's using that radio. Again in an emergency situation where they can't talk, or something critical is going on, if they just key up the radio the dispatcher will know who's keying the radio," said Gilbert.

The entire system allows first responders in different counties to help each other to keep their neighbors safe.

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