REACH program in need of volunteers in Seneca County

REACH program in need of volunteers in Seneca County
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TIFFIN, OH (WTOL) - A program aimed to inspire local sixth graders to think about their future profession is getting off the ground in Seneca County.

The North Central Ohio Educational Service Center in Tiffin has started up the REACH career education program.

The goal is to gather more than a dozen local business professionals to hold a class once a month with local sixth graders on professional skills and how the way one acts can have an impact on the job.

"Just talk about showing up. Half of life is showing up, and we tell the kids that. If you show up for your classes, you're bound to get good grades. if you show up for work, you're bound to keep your job. Showing up is so important, and we stress that a lot with the children," said John Davoli, Student Services Director at North Central Academy.

The program recently received a local gr ant from Tiffin based National Machinery Foundation.

Currently seven Seneca County schools have signed on, but only five volunteer business partners have agreed to hold the classes. So now the call is out for any other professionals to take one day a month to help impact young lives.

"We could double up some of the classrooms, but it's more effective, I believe, rather than having an assembly, not having it as an assembly type of thing, just having it in the classroom itself, is much more effective with the program with a hands on type of thing," said Davoli.

The REACH programs business partners don't necessarily have to work or live with in Seneca County, but only have to be willing to volunteer their time at schools here.

Anyone interested in volunteering are encouraged to call 419-447-2927.

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