Mud Hen Fans Show Pride at First Playoff Game of the Season

Mud Hen Fans Show Pride at First Playoff Game of the Season

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Thousands of Mud Hen fans made their way downtown Tuesday night to cheer the Mud Hens on all the way to victory.

"I have to support the Toledo teams and our Toledo Mud Hens-we're so excited they made the playoffs," said Cheryl Pilatowski.

The streets were packed with a sea of red, yellow and blue-and inside the bars were no exception.

"On the business side, it's great for a Wednesday," said Ed Beczynski, owner of The Blarney. "We're going to be busy on the weekend but for a Wednesday and Thursday, it's great."

"Everyone that works here is so excited," said Sarah Mettler, manager of Cock N' Bull. "We're right across from the stadium. They jumped on wanting to work. Anyone will pick up a shift. They're excited to be involved, they got their jerseys and all their Mud Hen gear on so it's pretty great."

Ralph Zychowicz. was a lawyer for county commissioners when it came time to not only build Fifth Third Field, but the Huntington Center. He said seeing downtown as busy as it was Wednesday night didn't surprise him at all.

"We specifically located these venues in areas where there would be a vortex and a synergy created to do this and so there was a lot of thought put into it and you can see what happened," said Zychowicz.

Game two of the playoffs is Thursday night at Fifth Third Field. The first pitch is at 6:35 pm.

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