Neighbors react to South Toledo shooting in broad daylight

Neighbors react to South Toledo shooting in broad daylight
Christopher Krauzer (Source: WTOL)
Christopher Krauzer (Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Two men's lives are forever changed after a tense afternoon in a South Toledo neighborhood.

One man was shot and taken to the hospital while another, Christopher Krauzer, was arrested for the crime. The tensions spilled over to neighbors.

"Pretty wild you know," said Raymond White, a witness. "Who would have believed the day would have ended up like this?"

Police got the call of a man shot on Emerald Avenue in south Toledo around 3 p.m Wednesday. When they arrived they found Krauzer with a rifle. Police quickly took cover.

"They were able to find a position of cover and begin negotiating with that male who indicated he wished to commit suicide by cop," said Lieutenant Kevan Toney with the Toledo Police Department.

Neighbors said they watched the whole thing.

"I saw him with a gun in his hand and police hollering at him, d rop it," said Maurice Habbouche, owner of Green Lantern. "I thought for sure they were going to shoot him, he didn't d rop it, until finally in the end he did."

Neighbors commend police's quick action at the scene.

Police said negotiations lasted just minutes before Krauzer surrendered without incident, never pointing his weapon.

"We were able to do that from a position of hard cover," explained Lt. Toney with TPD. "And so it really worked out well giving us the opportunity to talk this person down."

Raymond said the victim is his boss. He said they were working together to fix up a house on Emerald Avenue when Krauzer got mad about a privacy fence.

"They were arguing," said Raymond. "The boss was out there taking pictures of what he (Krauzer) had broke and then I just walked into the back door for a second. I heard a shot, came back outside and the boss was laying face down bleeding."

Raymond said he is still in shock from the intense turn of events, but he hopes for justice and quick healing.

Police said they are still investigating this incident. They are looking at evidence and witness statements to determine exactly what happened in South Toledo Wednesday afternoon.

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