City leaders cracking down on illegal dumping

City leaders cracking down on illegal dumping

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The City of Toledo is cracking down on illegal dumping after hundreds of tires have been cleaned up in recent weeks.

"We're going to prosecute you, fine you, seize your property, put you in jail, whatever we need to do to get the message across that this is not appropriate," said Dennis Kennedy, the Commissioner of Code Enforcement for the City of Toledo.

City of Toledo leaders aren't messing around with illegal dumping after more than 100 tires were dumped at a Land Bank owned property on Oak Street in East Toledo.

They've teamed up with Toledo Police, forming a task force, and working on catching these suspects.

Dumpers could face a minimum of a $500 fine, and 10 to 15 days in jail for dumping one tire.

"This isn't just one person who doesn't want to pay $12 to get rid of their three tires, this is somebody who is in business and doing this, and it is simply unacceptable," said Council member Peter Ujvagi.

Toledo offers 12 different free recycling events from April to October, where neighbors can bring up to 10 tires.

The landfill also offers free dump days occasionally throughout the year.

City leaders worried about the negative impact on neighborhoods, but this is also costing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to clean up.

Council member Peter Ujvagi also said that it's a plain waste of their time.

"We need to have our police and patrol for significant crimes, to have to deal with this is just a waste of the resources and the energy of city elected officials, city employees and the police," said Ujvagi.

Officers can pull over someone with more than 10 tires in a pickup truck, unless they are a licensed hauler, which there are only three of in Northwest Ohio.

"The community has to combat this together, we can't live in these neighborhoods and say I'm going to tolerate this. You have to push back and say illegal dumping is illegal," said Kennedy.

If neighbors do see someone dumping, leaders encourage them to take a picture of their license plate and call Engage Toledo at 419-936-2020.

The final two refuse and recycling events this year will be September 8 at Good Shepherd Church, 3934 W. Laskey Road, and Sept. 22 at Friendship Park, 2930 131st Street.

Here is a list of acceptable items:

  • Electronic waste: No TVs, CRT monitors or appliances
  • 10 tires (on or off the rim): No commercial tires
  • Document recycling
  • Donation trailer: Houseware goods, clothing (wearable or unwearable), toys
  • Bulky items and refuse: No TVs, air-conditioning units, refrigerator/freezers or large appliances
  • Latex paint ($1/gallon)

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