Richard Cordray tours local wind energy company

Richard Cordray tours local wind energy company

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - The 2018 Ohio Governors race is heading into the homestretch now that Labor Day has passed.

On Wednesday, Democratic nominee Richard Cordray visited Findlay.

Cordray visited One Energy in Findlay Wednesday to see first-hand how the company builds turbines near large companies and sells the produced energy to the companies at a fixed rate for 20 years.

Clean energy is one of Cordray's campaign platforms and he likes the idea of companies producing their own energy instead of relying on the established energy grid.

"I am an 'all of the above' energy person for the state of Ohio. But, I think this means a lot of sense. You have businesses that are trying to reduce their power costs. And you can do it locally, you can do it even without necessarily putting it on the grid. That's a very sensible alternative," said Cordray.

Cordray said Labor Day acts as the launching point for his campaign to begin moving at a higher gear.

Not only will he be visiting more cities, but also smaller communities and rural areas. He said he wants to help small businesses, especially Ohio farmers, and let them know they have a potential ally in him.

"Farmers need to have certainty, they need to have predictability. They're getting swung in a very tough way and getting squeezed from the policies from Washington. And in Columbus, they feel like they're not being listened to on how we clean up Lake Erie," Cordray said.

Cordray is expected to make various campaign stops all across Ohio over the next week, leading up to a large rally in Cleveland next Thursday, where former President Barrack Obama is expected to make an appearance.

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