Forum allows TPS students to express concerns, offer solutions

Forum allows TPS students to express concerns, offer solutions

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - One hundred Toledo Public Schools high school students came together today for the first-of-its-kind session to build relationships and speak their minds to district leaders.

"Mainly we just focused on problems in our schools and how we can discuss it and make a change and make it comfortable for everyone to learn in a safe, better environment," said Toledo Technology Academy 10th grader, Alexandria Lopez.

Some of those problems include school spirit and getting more people to attend school activities.

Safety and bullying are also concerns of students, along with relationships with teachers.

"We want teachers to be more happy to teach students and students to be more happy with teachers," said Waite High School 10th grader, Tilina Lucas.

"Engagement with teachers and students. Wanting to learn more. Wanting to come to school and make a change," Lopez added.

District leaders became the students, soaking in what the high schoolers had to say.

"They really talked about student to student and what can they do with student and adult relationships. They came up with some great ideas about how they can promote that to ensure that bullying dissipitates, whether in person or social media," said Jim Gault, Executive Transformational Leader of Curriculum.

The students will go back to their schools to work on their ideas and will meet again with the district two more times this school year.

They said they're ready to work.

"I feel like today was very encouraging," said Lucas.

Lopez added, "TPS Proud!"

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