Judge denies separate trial in sex trafficking case

Judge denies separate trial in sex trafficking case

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Attorneys for former Lucas County Administrator Laura Lloyd-Jenkins filed a motion in U.S. District Court Wednesday.

They asked to have her trial separated from co-defendants and pastors Anthony Haynes and Cordell Jenkins, Laura's husband. But the judge has denied the motion and said there will be only one trial.

Lloyd-Jenkins was let go from her position once an investigation was launched into her knowledge of her husband's alleged relationship with an underage girl.

Lloyd-Jenkins is facing two federal charges, obstructing a sex-trafficking investigation and making a false statement in the case.

Her attorneys said that she would face undue prejudice if the two charges against her were tried with the eight charges against Haynes and Jenkins

Haynes and Jenkins face federal counts of sex crimes with children. A third defendant, Kenneth Butler, pleaded guilty in May to a count of conspiracy to sex-trafficking children, obstruction of a sex trafficking investigation and two counts of sex trafficking of children. He is to be sentenced Nov. 20

Her attorneys added that she would suffer prejudice due to evidence presented at trial. Evidence pertaining to Jenkins and Haynes.

However Judge Zouhary said defendants are not owed a separate trial just because acquittal would be easier. He believes trial procedures can be tailored so Lloyd-Jenkins will not suffer prejudice.

Both Cordell Jenkins and Laura Lloyd-Jenkins have refused plea deals, opting to go to trial.

Trial is set for October 29.

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