Welcome to the contest, from Kelly!

Welcome to the contest, from Kelly!
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Welcome to the Super Fitness Weight Loss Contest!

I'm Kelly Heidbreder, your host. Super Fitness and I have been working with hundreds of people in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan for over 11 years, helping people lead a healthier lifestyle. This weight loss challenge began in 2008. NBC's Biggest Loser program swept me off my feet and as a TV anchor and reporter in Toledo, I wanted to do the same thing with friends and family right here at home. I approached Mercy Hospital as a medical expert for the fledgling competition and they happen to be running a similar program with their nursing staff. So, we came up with a structure to follow three of their nurses on their weight loss journey over six months.

During that time, I coached the ladies, set them up with trainers at Super Fitness and Toledo's most successful television weight loss program was born.

Since then, we have helped guide thousands of people to a healthier lifestyle. Combined, our challenger group loses literally over a ton of weight each season. Some of our top weight loss challengers have lost over 100 pounds during this journey. Our contestants walk away with new hope, a brighter outlook on life and become a family, making friendships that last a lifetime. The champ also walks away with thousands of dollars in prizes.

Hundreds sign up each year, weigh in, workout, eat healthier and lose weight. Even though this is an elimination program, many of the contestants stick with the program until the finale just because we have so much fun and they are building confidence each time we get together.

So how can you join? Contestants must be 18 years old to compete. You do not need to be a member of Super Fitness to join the Weight Loss Challenge. You can workout at your current gym or at home. But we have found working out with a group will help keep you motivated.

The pre-registration fee to participate is a $30 donation to Muscular Dystrophy / ALS Augie’s Quest that will be paid at Super Fitness on or before October 22, 2018. Registration fee for the day of the Kick Off, October 23, 2018 is $35, donation to Muscular Dystrophy/ALS Augie’s Quest, paid at Super Fitness.

October is Signup Month. Contestants must sign up before October 23, 8 p.m. This is the first Official Weigh In Party at Super Fitness on Telegraph and Alexis Road. Extreme Weight Loss Challenge will go from October 23, 2018 for the first official weigh in until the finale May 14, 2019.

Our current Super Fitness Weight Loss Champ, Neil Heiden, will join the Super Fitness trainers, offering two free monthly workouts at their club to help you build a healthy workout routine. Our Super Fitness Trainers have exercises to help you trim down. Our Weight Loss Challenge Nutritionist and Chef will help guide your meal plans.

I can't wait to continue to lift you up and keep you motivated. Our Weight Loss Challenge Team takes you to fun places around northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan, pushing you harder than you have ever been pushed before. We want to nudge you out of that comfort zone and help guide you to better eating habits and a solid workout routine that you will stick with for the rest of your life.

Look for more details to come!

This is your life. This is your year. This is your day. Let's make the change together!

Kelly Heidbreder

Super Fitness Weight Loss Host