Family Focus: Pediatrician weighs in on chiropractic care for babies

Family Focus: Chiropractic Care

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Parents, if you've been through sleepless night after sleepless night, you're probably looking for anything that can help a baby with colic or reflux. You may even call out to your friends on social media asking for help and you may have been surprised to see people swearing by a chiropractor to make their babies happy.

Little Tessa Kate is about 8 weeks old. She had her first chiropractic adjustment when she was a week and a half.

"When you're desperate for sleep, you'll try anything," says mother of four, Kim Schrinel. She says the first visit to Turning Point Chiropractic in Perrysburg came at the recommendation of a friend. "We started about two years ago with my 2-year-old and he was just having a lot of issues, basically just with sleeping and things, and so that's when we started coming and it really, really helped," says Kim.

Kim says that first visit prompted the entire family of six to get regular treatment and she says it's made the world of difference in their lives.

Doctor of Chiropractic Jeffrey Elmore says when the spinal cord is misaligned, it can cause the body to act up.

"It could put pressure on the nerve and not allow the nerve to function properly and the organ will show sign of stress from that as well," Dr. Elmore explains. He says realigning can help things like colic or reflux.

For some parents, having their children's bodies adjusted may be scary. First, Dr. Elmore says he uses a hand-held instrument to find areas of stress, and then he says he applies very light pressure to those stressed areas.

Does the technique really work to treat colic or reflux? Is it safe? Pediatrician Noah Sutter says there's no medical evidence that it works, but, "if it's something that has value to you and it's worth giving something a try, I think for the majority of situations like that, it's unlikely to cause any problems and if you get something out of it, great," says Dr. Sutter.

Dr. Sutter recommends parents see a doctor to treat infection, because delaying care could cause major problems.

"Babies, we really want to see them if they have an ear infection and document them and make sure we're handling them the best way we can with evidence-based medicine," he says.

In the meantime, Kim says there's proof enough for her in her happy and healthy family.

"She's a good baby," Kim says about baby Tessa Kate.

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