Bowling Green recovers from a busy weekend

Bowling Green recovers from a busy weekend

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - The city of Bowling Green is recovering from a very busy weekend, mainly from the National Tractor Pulling Championships at the Wood County Fairgrounds.

The tractor pull festivities wrapped up on Sunday, and Bowling Green city officials believe the weekend was a success.

"I think everything turned out okay, the tractor pull was successful. Lots of people came to town and enjoyed themselves safely so we were pleased with that," said Joe Fawcett of the City of Bowling Green.

The championships bring thousands of people to town each year, which is something law enforcement prepares for.

OVI checkpoints were placed throughout Wood County on Friday evening.

A total of four arrests because of drunk driving were made over the weekend, but law enforcement officials say the visitors in town did not cause problems.

"Most of our violations were alcohol-related. We didn't have anything specifically related to the festival or tractor pulls but however we did have a handful of OVI's, a lot of traffic and a lot of alcohol-related violations," said Major Justin White of the Bowling Green Police Department.

Overall, law enforcement officials are happy about this past weekend.

They plan to use similar strategies like keeping officers on bike patrol for the Black Swamp Arts festival next month.

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