Boy receives custom golf cart after kidney transplant

Boy receives custom golf cart after kidney transplant

Jackson Lee is a 7-year-old with a smile that can light up a room; a smile that's always been there despite the hardships he's faced since birth.

Jackson was born with Joubert syndrome – a brain disorder effecting his muscles and speech.

Then in 2014, Jackson was faced with another challenge.

"He developed kidney disease and went in to kidney failure and then we did dialysis for about 18 months or so, and then got a kidney," said Miranda Lee, Jackson's mom.

A donation from his own mother that keeps him smiling.

"He's just such a happy kid," said Joel Lee, Jackson's dad. "He really is even through everything he's been through. A grown adult would be suffering from pain, he's got a smile on his face."

Which was hard to miss when he received a special surprise - taking a ride on Jackson's cruiser.

Jackson loves being outside with his family, but he was outgrowing the family's golf cart.

"There was no room for his chair, so we're either holding him or using a smaller chair and he was just growing too big," Miranda said.

But the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Fantasy Custom Golf Carts had a solution, gr anting Jackson's wish with a new set of wheels.

It's something the family will cherish for many rides to come.

"It's very exciting," Miranda said. "Things he loves and gets to do, he's so limited, so something like this is just hard to say how exciting it is, but we know we'll enjoy it."

"It means a lot, him being able to be a little more on his own now," Joel said. "It's safer for all of us involved. And just knowing it's going to make him as happy as it is means the world to us."

For shop owner Jim Putman, this request hit home.

"I have a handicap girl myself, knowing what they're going to go through," he said. "I absolutely wanted to be a part of it and do something for them and I know that this would help them out immensely."

And like he's been through it all, Jackson's smile continues to shine.

"He's just like any 7-year-old kid," Joel said. "He loves to be outside and run around on the golf cart, it gives him some freedom and he's going to love it."

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