Could a Jeep museum be coming to Toledo?

Could a Jeep museum be coming to Toledo?

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Not all the Jeeps in town for Jeep Fest on Saturday traveled through the streets of downtown Toledo during a parade.

Dozens were parked inside the SeaGate Convention Centre where folks came to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

"I was a welder when I worked at the Jeep plant for twenty years. I looked at all the vehicle to see if my welds still held up and some of them are still there," smiled Bruce Baumhower, UAW Local 12 President.

A rare 1962 Willys Traveler was on display.

Only 365 were made that year and very few exist today.

Owner Mike Brady has been hooked on Jeeps for more than seventy years.

"I grew up with Jeeps. Took my driving test in a Jeep CJ-2A in 1946. Once you get started on something like this you basically keep going with it,' said Mike.

Also on display: a 1960 Jeep Surry, another nugget that's still lucky to be around.

Only one thousand were made.

This model was one of 100 Pepsi Cola used to promote its product in parades.

"Jeep did several promotional sponsorships with different companies. Pepsi Cola was one of them. Called them up. Big push in the sixties to get something out there and this is what they did," said owner Bruce Wierda.

Jeep Fest has attracted people from 27 states.

The talk now is establishing a Jeep Museum in Toledo as a major tourist attraction.

The feeling is if there's overwhelming interest in this iconic Toledo made vehicle on one weekend, why not year round?

There's been ongoing talks with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles about a museum.

Jeep Historian Paul Szymanski says at least four locations have been pitched including one near the current plant on Stickney Avenue.

"They would see the history of Jeep but also plan to have a test track for people when they buy a new Wrangler to drive their vehicle on the test track," said Szymanski.

A museum that's all about Jeep's past and what's coming in the future.

As the sign on the windshield of one Wrangler says 'Old Jeeps Never Die. They just get re-built."

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