Bowling Green cold case gets national attention

Bowling Green cold case gets national attention
It's the only unsolved homicide for the Bowling Green Police Department and a case that they are desperate to solve.
So much so, they called in the experts on a national television show, Cold Justice.
It's been five years since Dawn Glanz was murdered inside her Bowling Green home.
"It was a shock,” said Rebecca Skinner Green, Dawn’s friend and associate professor in the School of Art at BGSU. “It was unbelievable."
Dawn Glanz's case initially appeared as a natural death.
It was an anonymous call, five years ago that forced an autopsy. It revealed the cause of death was blunt force trauma to her head.
The case has gone cold so Glanz's family and the BGPD searched for help from the national television show on Oxygen called "Cold Justice."
“We wanted to make sure that we didn't leave any stone unturned and if there was something that could be done we want to do it,” explained Chief Tony Hetrick, Bowling Green Police Department. “And we're still looking for avenues, but this just seemed like a good opportunity."
Dawn's case has struck several in the community.
She was a beloved professor in the school of art at BGSU for 25 years. She taught art history among other courses, her focus was on American Art.
Her co-workers and friends said she was known for making art come to life for her students.
"If I could describe Dawn in words I could say she was incredibly passionate, committed, genuine, generous, a maverick in many many ways," said Lynn Whitney, Dawn’s friend and former coworker.
Wanting answers, her family and the police welcomed the national crew in February to re-investigate the case with advanced equipment and skills.
"There is absolutely no reason why Dawn was killed,” explained Whitney, associate director in the school of art at BGSU. “She was an incredible human being and there was no reason why she had to die that way."
BGPD and her closest circle of family and friends hope the airing of her story nationally will lead to new information. They believe someone out there knows something that can crack this cold case to finally bring justice.
"It would never bring her back,” explained Rebecca Skinner Green. “You know that sadness is still there, that loss is still cutting, but I can only imagine there would be that little tiny bit of peace perhaps."
"We're not going to give up on it ever until it's solved,” said Chief Hetrick. “Until there's a conviction and justice for Dawn and her family."
The show, “Cold Justice” airs Saturday on Oxygen at 6 p.m.
If you have any information on Dawn Glanz case you should contact the Wood County Crime Stoppers at 419-352-0077 or the Bowling Green Police Department at 419-352-1131.

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