City leaders hope to receive TMDL in efforts to protecting our water

City leaders hope to receive TMDL in efforts to protecting our water
A group wants a Lake Erie Bill of Rights to be enshrined in the Toledo City Charter (Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The battle to protect our water is continuing.

On Friday the City of Toledo and the City of Oregon filed a motion in US District Court, in hopes to limit the amount of runoff going into Lake Erie.

The goal of this motion is to get a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), which is a limit for how much agricultural pollution can flow into the lake.

Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz said it's time state and federal officials step up and get control of what is flowing into our waterways.

The joint brief supports Advocates for a Clean Lake Erie and the Environmental Law and Policy Center's lawsuit against the US EPA. The suit says 88 percent of the phosphorus in the Lake Erie watershed is coming from agricultural runoff.

The hope from those involved is a TMDL would be a step toward an aggressive cleanup strategy.

Kapszukiewicz said this phosphorus runoff leading to harmful algal blooms is costing taxpayers millions of dollars having to constantly make improvements to our Water Treatment Plant.

"Enough is enough, it's common sense. We've done our part, we need a little help, and we aren't afraid to put our legal muscle behind this fight. And, it's a fight that the whole region needs us to win because we rely on the lake not just for our drinking water but for recreation and a big chunk of our economy," said Mayor Kapszukiewicz.

A hearing for this case is scheduled with US District Judge James Carr on August 21.

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