Human Rights Activist meets with Police Chief, Mayor to discuss unity

Human Rights Activist meets with Police Chief, Mayor to discuss unity

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Two weeks ago, a robbery suspect was shot and killed by police during a chase in north Toledo.

A Human Rights Activist with Toledo roots was in town Friday to talk with city leaders about concerns he has about race relations in Toledo.

Gerald Rose of New Order National Human Rights Organization said he was originally coming to Toledo this week to talk with kids at a basketball camp.

Following the shooting of Lamar Richardson two weeks ago, he said he wanted to take the opportunity to also talk with the Police Chief and Mayor.

"In our community, we're fearing the police officers and today's message is called 'bridging the gap,'" said Rose.

Rose added that he's had open dialogue with Chief George Kral for several years and wants to continue working toward bringing unity to Toledo.

"Work together. It's all about unity. If we could just work together," said Rose.

Rose and TPD said the meeting was productive, and that there will be a followup.

Meanwhile, Rose also spoke with Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz.

The Mayor said he thought it was a good meeting.

"Everyone within the sound of my voice all wants the same thing for our community, and that's healing and unity and I do think he can be one of the voices that helps do that. I don't think anyone knows what the next step in this process is, but whatever it is, it's something we need to take together," said Kapszukiewicz.

An investigation continues into the deadly officer-involved shooting.

A Toledo Police spokesperson said within the next couple weeks, the investigation will be turned over to the Lucas County Prosecutor's Office and then to a Grand Jury to determine whether the shooting was justified.

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