President Trump signs law to collect data of firefighters with cancer in Ohio

President Trump signs law to collect data of firefighters with cancer in Ohio

LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - Fighting flames isn't the only dangerous part of a firefighter's job. Cancer is actually the leading cause of death among firefighters.

Recently, President Trump signed into law the Firefighter Cancer Registry Act-something that will have great impact on firefighters in Ohio.

This new law not only aims at research on how to prevent cancer, but how to save lives for those already diagnosed.

"The risks are there but it's never going to stop us," said Battalion Chief Matthew Brixey of the Toledo Fire Department. "If something happens we're going to come and do our best to save you."

The new law now requires the CDC to create a voluntary registry for firefighters diagnosed with cancer-in hopes of finding out exactly what kind of cancers they're getting-and how to prevent it.

With Ohio being one of more than 30 states that consider cancer as a classified work-related illness for firefighters, it's a law that was pushed hard by Senator Sherrod Brown to help protect them.

"This is something we finally recognize and know that there is an increased risk of firefighters getting cancer and even worse, the mortality rates for firefighters when they're diagnosed is significantly higher than the average public," said Chief Brixey.

Battalion Chief Brixey, whose been a firefighter for over 20 years, thinks this voluntary registration will

"We're going to hopefully learn from that for the next generation of firefighters so we can hopefully set that trend the opposite direction for firefighters being diagnosed with cancer."

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