Toledo Police requests $130K for more sky cop cameras

Toledo Police requests $130K for more sky cop cameras

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Right now, Toledo Police are asking for more money to help keep you safe.

Officers are requesting two more mobile camera units to help catch criminals.

Right now they have three mobile sky cop cameras, but they are all broken.

Officers are requesting close to $130,000 from the city for two newer versions of the technology. They're meant to deter crime from problem areas.

Lieutenant Kevan Toney with Toledo Police said they are getting multiple requests a week from neighbors to put these in their neighborhoods.

With outdated technology from 2012, the three mobile sky cop cameras they have now are experiencing some issues.

He hopes they will be able to get at least two of them working again. He said it's important they add this new technology so they can monitor areas using their real time crime lab, and, hopefully make neighbors feel safe.

"It gives the community some assurance that we are out there, and it could deter crime. That is a big thing these cameras can do, they're flashing blue lights, and it makes a criminal think twice about committing a crime right in front of the police cameras. So they are a useful tool," said Toney.

Toney said in the past they have been used for large events, especially downtown.

Toledo City Council could vote on this as early as next Tuesday, then, police say it will take around two weeks to get the units in and working.

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