Ohio and majority of America agree; The Lion King is the best Disney animated film hands down

Ohio and majority of America agree; The Lion King is the best Disney animated film hands down

If you're reading this, chances are you grew up watching Disney movies or watched them with your little ones and/or you still do!

And if that's true, that means you definitely have a go-to Disney flick, or multiple like almost every other person in the world.

Well in celebration of last Friday's release of Disney's Christopher Robin, the analysts at CableTV.com created a national report that revealed each state's favorite Disney classically-animated movie. ?

According to their results, The Lion King is the Buckeye State's favorite movie, along with 16 other states.

This makes the 1994 Shakespearean based-classic America's favorite Disney classic hands down.

Below are some more findings from the CableTV's report.

  • We love animals—38 states favored a film with an animal protagonist.
  • With the support of 17 states, The Lion King (1994) is America’s favorite Disney classic, hands down.
  • Dumbo (1941) is beloved by New York, which was known for the elephant walk through Manhattan, a tradition that lasted over thirty years. While the event garnered mixed feelings from residents and tourists, it certainly left its mark in NYC.
  • Nearly 71 percent of Vermont households own a pet, so it makes sense that Vermont loves 101 Dalmatians (1961). But funnily enough, Vermont has more cat-owning households than dog-owning households.
  • With the most wilderness of any state, Alaska’s respect for wildlife reflects in its favorite movie Bambi (1942).
  • The trippy Alice in Wonderland (1951) is a big deal in New Mexico, which happens to be the only state where you can legally grow magic mushrooms (psilocybin-containing mushrooms).
  • Over 57% of Hawaiian residents identify as Asian American, so it’s no surprise that Mulan (1998) is a favorite for the Aloha State.
  • The Beehive State, with the youngest average population in the US, had a fourteen-way tie for its top Disney classic. No other state but Utah had a tie for its favorite movie.

Go here to find out even more interesting facts from the national report.

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