South Toledo tree crashes through multiple homes in neighborhood

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Three south Toledo homes severely damaged after a large tree split in half, collapsing on top of their homes.

It happened after 2:30 Wednesday afternoon.

Leona Hall was sitting near the back of her house with her daughter, who is handicapped, when she said the tree came crashing through her roof, making a loud sound comparable to a freight train.

No one else was inside the two other effected homes and no one was hurt.

The cause of the fallen tree is unknown at the time, but the whole situation still has neighbors shaken up.

"It just was so scary. I thought the house was going to come down on both of us, said Hall. "I'm just glad that we're okay. I guess I've got more angels than I thought I did."

The fallen tree is now causing major concerns for other people living here.

People who live nearby told WTOL 11 the street used to be a forest. They said there are a lot of other trees like the one that fell which is now leaving neighbors worried that the same thing could happen to them next.

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