Jeep Week: Off-road ‘Jeepsters’

Jeep Fest: Off-road 'Jeepsters'

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Jeeps are known worldwide and a major reason for that is due in part to Toledo's own Jamie Farr.

Farr played the character Maxwell Clinger in the hit show "M*A*S*H." He would package up parts of a Jeep hoping he could put it them together once he got back home. And he even ate a few of the parts.

Greg Steiner, a Jeep owner in Ida, is working on rebuilding one of Farr's Jeeps.

"This is a '97 TJ. we're doing a ground-up restoration," Steiner said.

When asked why Jeep in particular, he replied, "because it's an addiction. Once you get in a Jeep, the window sticker says it all; 'It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand.' It's just simple, I mean Jeeps are basically simple, they're easy to build, you can do anything you want from the ground up."

Steiner also has a second Jeep, nicknamed "Grumpy Monkey."

"It's got a 580-horse Stokey motor in it, lifted about 6 inches. It's got full lockers. It just likes to play," Steiner said.

He also said it's not possible for him to explain why he chose Jeep, but rather he had to show it.

Craig Pinkelman, the director of Trails for Wicked Jeeps, has his own personalized Jeep.

"Well the 3.6 Penta Star made right here in Trenton, Michigan. It's stock part, I've got ACE Engineering bumpers and body armor, and rancho-suspension on it to lift it up and make it perform better," Pinkelman said.

So why did Pinkelman chose Jeep?

"It's just amazing. We call them 'Jeeple' and 'Jeeple' are good people," Pinkelman said.

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