Wood County Commissioners plan for landfill expansion

Wood County Commissioners plan for landfill expansion
(Source: wtol)

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - The Wood County landfill is almost 50 years old. Commissioners are requesting the OEPA add 59 acres to the landfill.

As of right now the landfill has about six years left of space in it. The expansion would allow for another 100.

Commissioners expect residents will be concerned about the expansion. While Wood county maintains a landfill, they still encourage their residents to recycle.

"We try and encourage people to recycle as much as possible," said Wood County Commissioner Doris Herringshaw.

The county introduced mixed recycling bins this summer hoping it would make recycling easier for residents. Officials stress the importance of only using the landfill for the proper materials.

"We want the right stuff in the landfill. That's our big push and our big concern, that we get things appropriate for the landfill," said Herringshaw.

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