Money Talks News: Car buying basics

Money Talks News: Car buying basics
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Money Talks News - Whether it's new or used, there's nothing more liberating than getting behind the wheel of your first car.

But as with driving, the safest approach to car buying is slowly.

First thing you should do is know your dough. A reliable used car doesn't have to be expensive so make a budget and stick to it.

And while the temptation is great to buy a red convertible, it's more important to get where you're going than it is to look good. Cars are for transportation, not status. Resist that temptation.

If you're borrowing, arrange your financing. Shop around, online and locally, then get preapproved. Don't walk into a dealership without it.

If you have your money lined up do your research. Look for cars with high reliability, low maintenance and insurance costs.

Once you've narrowed down your list, it's time to test drive. But before you do it, print out a checklist and go down that checklist with every car you drive.

And of course before you buy, always have any car inspected by an independent mechanic before you buy.

Those are just the basic but there's a lot more to know such as financing. To learn more park it at the Money Talks News website  and do a search for "Cars".

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