Penta holds emergency response training for bus drivers

Penta holds emergency response training for bus drivers
(Source: RNN)

Students and teachers aren't the only ones preparing to go back to school.

Bus drivers are also getting ready to start the school year.

Hundreds of them gathered at Penta Career Center on Wednesday for training that's become essential to their job.

Bus drivers from all areas of Northwest Ohio are being taught how to respond to emergencies, particularly in the case of an active shooter.

The drivers were taught about situational awareness and how to physically respond in an emergency.

Officials demonstrated the typical body language potential shooters have. They also touched on signs of human sex trafficking drivers that should look out for.

Leaders of Wednesday's event said that training like this become more and more important every time there is a school shooting.

"I think we need to spend time preparing drivers and students should an active shooter come to the bus, how do we respond to that? What do we do?" said Steve Puchta of the Ohio Department of Transportation.

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