Updates on area road construction

Update on area road construction

PORT CLINTON, OH (WTOL) - A road project we've been talking about for a long time wrapped up on Tuesday.

The Port Clinton lift bridge is finally back open.

This project had been delayed multiple times due to crews seeking precise accuracy.

"Our crews have been out there testing the bridge, making sure everything is working properly. Making sure all the fail-safes work properly, should anything happen in the future. They've been testing, and as they're testing, they are making adjustments to the bridge, to the programming, things like that. We don't want to jeopardize anyone in the public, but as soon as we can open that bridge, we are going to do that," said Rebecca Dangelo, Spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Transportation in District 2.

ODOT made good on that promise around close of business on Tuesday.

You may also be wondering about the progress of how some of our other construction projects are coming along.

It's summer, and for Toledo area roadways, we know that means trading snow plows for orange barrels.

Fortunately, the lack of rain means crews have been able to spend a lot of time working on improving our roads, and most of those projects are right on track.

That includes the Anthony Wayne Trail, that won't fully be done until the end of the 2019 construction season, but is getting better day by day.

But we know that in order to make roads better overall, it is a headache for those who drive through and around our area.

"It is much smoother, and definitely in the wintertime, the potholes are just so bad that some fresh pavement looks great, and I know they're working hard. So, hopefully they get it done soon. The same way with downtown, I think if everybody's just patient, the payoff will be there. You've got to plan ahead and take it slow," Toledo resident, Brian Kohler said.

In the immediate future for the Trail, through November, inbound is reduced to one lane and outbound state route 25 remains two lanes.

Through October 2019, Emerald Avenue is closed from Vinton Street to the Anthony Wayne Trail, and City Park Avenue is closed between Greene Street and the Trail.

Shosh Abramovich is a commuter and the wear and tear on her vehicle can be concerning.

"I definitely am worried about my tires. I drive a lot every day, so I live in Detroit and I commute in so I take Erie all the time, and I know it's shifted lanes for which lanes have been shut down, but I'm excited for when it's nice and smooth," she said. 

Monroe is still closed west of Erie and will remain that way through at least the end of next week to repave that block with brick and asphalt.

Doug Stephens, Administrator for the City of Toledo Department of Public Utilities and Division of Engineering Services notes, however, the intersection will temporarily reopen this weekend.

"No way that's not going to be open for Jeep Fest," he said.

Throughout the month of August, resurfacing will occur throughout downtown Toledo on Monroe, Summit, Michigan, Spielbusch, Orange, Erie and Beech.

Weather pending, all of that work is expected to be completed by the end of this month.

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