Toledo rally fights to keep families together

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A hot topic across our country has continued to gain momentum on Tuesday.

Toledoans rallied to keep families together when facing deportation.

Most of these rallies and marches happened almost two months ago, but Toledo City Council member Nick Komives said that he wants to keep the conversation going about what can be done locally.

Komives said that he wants to introduce some sort of legislation that ensures our local government isn't doing the federal government's job when it comes to immigrants.

He believes that often victims of crimes are scared to come forward because of their fear of deportation.

Komives said that he wants to make sure the conversation continues.

"Tonight is really about hearing back from the community that cares about this issue so much that they've been working hard to make sure their voices are heard. I think it is important the government reflect the voices of the people, so I am listening," Komives said on Tuesday.

Komives said that he's not sure when exactly he will introduce some sort of legislation about this.

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