BG city council addresses Nexus pipeline spill

BG City Council addresses Nexus pipeline spill

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - The Nexus pipeline leak is a topic of discussion among Bowling Green officials.

Members of city council voiced their concerns about the spill and plan to follow up with questions for the Ohio EPA.

"I don't think anyone ever expects this to happen you plan for it though. We want to make sure that we want to take advantage of the experience we had to make it a tighter process" said BG City Council Member William Herald.

The 20,000 gallon fluid leak was non-toxic and did not harm the Bowling Green water treatment plant.

The city of Bowling Green said that Nexus immediately reported the accident to the Ohio EPA, who then followed up with the city.

"As I understand, they had an after-action review with the pipeline company to talk about the procedures and protocols associated with an incident like this," said Assistant Municipal Administrator Joe Fawcett.

According to the Ohio EPA, the horizontal directional drilling of the project is complete, meaning another leak associated with this project will not happen.

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