Toledo City Council puts mayor's water plan to vote

Toledo City Council puts mayor's water plan to vote

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It is being called one of the biggest decisions our city leaders will make in decades: deciding how Toledo will run it's water treatment plant.

Toledo City Council officially pushed it through to vote on the mayor's Regional Water Commission plan on Tuesday.

This follows a community meeting on Thursday where some neighbors voiced concerns about the plan

Many council members feel as though the Mayor's plan, where Toledo maintains ownership of the water treatment plant and council has the power to veto rates, is in the best interest of Toledoans.

Members from the Toledo Chamber of Commerce have been trying to sway them to reconsider TAWA, the first plan.

However, the vote is set to happen on Tuesday for the Regional Water Commission.

All contract communities are still at the table, and right now, they are working on a uniform contract for everyone.

"I think we are probably going to unanimously vote to put the Mayor's plan in action so that we can put that on the ballot and allow the voters to see the plan and hopefully vote that into an ordinance or a charter change," said Gary Johnson of Toledo City Council.

"That's what we have really been focusing on is getting a fair deal for all communities including Toledo and our contract communities working to get together to get a fair deal and have rates that everyone can agree on," said Ed Moore, Toledo Director of Public Utilities.

That vote is expected to happen next Tuesday, it has to be done within the next few weeks to get the charter change on the ballot.

Then, Toledoans will likely see it on their ballots in November.

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