TPS opens new Aerospace and Natural Science Academy

TPS opens new Aerospace and Natural Science Academy

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo Public Schools is gearing up for the new school year with an academy that promises to take students to new heights.

TPS superintendent Dr. Romulus Durant was joined by multiple local elected officials to officially open their new Aerospace and Natural Science Academy of Toledo building.

The building sits on the grounds of the Toledo Express Airport and was previously vacant, but will now host 300 students who are interested in a future career in aerospace, veterinary service, and agriculture.

Students will take all of their classes there, both core courses and occupational training.

Once they complete the programs, graduated students will receive both an associates degree and industry certifications.

They can then go on to possibly earn a bachelors degree at local universities, or began working right away.

"And with the industry there, the students begin to to get that experience right in the workforce. And what we're doing is saying the more we can bring the school walls into the industry walls, the better we provide a win-win for both the student and industry," Durant said.

"It's such an exciting opportunity and it's going to be something so new and something so innovative for not only Toledo Public Schools but for the region and the city that I think great things are going to be come out of this," said Amy Daunhauer, director of the Aerospace and Natural Science Academy of Toledo.

Dr. Durant said that the next industry magnet school he'd like to see established will involve the medical field.

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