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Fire department teaches kids fire safety with virtual reality technology


During this summer, your kids are probably staying at home by themselves from time to time if they're old enough.

There is a fire department that has come up with a new tool to help kids stay safe.

The Madison Fire Department, near Huntsville, AL, is using virtual reality to help kids learn about fire safety.

The system uses computers, a virtual reality headset, and several iPads with specific software on it that puts kids into the virtual reality world.

Kids can put on the headset and go through different scenarios that are catered towards their home type.

For example, they can walk through the master bedroom of a ranch or split-level home or go in and out of the front and back doors.

The technology also tests them on what to do during cooking fires and nighttime fire scenarios.

"We also need to teach via technology. Our goal is to be to have a safer community. To have people who don't panic under certain circumstances, who actually know what to do because we've prepared them for that," said Captain Mike Sedlacek of the Madison Fire Department.

The fire department hopes to unveil the new, virtual reality system in a few weeks. Their goal is to reach kids primarily in the 5th and 6th grades.

That's the time of life when kids are usually at home by themselves until their parents get home from work.

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