Former WH Press Secretary greeted by protesters at Toledo Library appearance

Former WH Press Secretary greeted by protesters at Toledo Library appearance

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Sean Spicer has gone from being President Trump's White house Press Secretary to New York Times best-selling author.

On Sunday the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library invited him to town to speak about his new book 'The Briefing.'

Members of the Blade's Toledo Newspaper Guild peacefully protested the appearance.

They say as Mr. Trump's spokesman Mr. Spicer amplified and enabled attacks against the free press.

"This guy from his first day on the job lied to all our faces and he did that in his entire tenure in the administration," said Nolan Rosenkrans of The Newspaper Guild.

Mr. Spicer responded during an interview saying, "They have the right to protest. That's what makes our country great."

About 200 people came to the library for the free appearance which was moderated by Blade executive Kurt Franck.

That's something else rubbing Guild members the wrong way.

"And we don't think that any newspaper should be spending it's time helping a guy like him sell his own book," said Mr. Rosenkrans.

There's been plenty of tension between the news media and Mr. Trump.

He's accused them of reporting fake news and being the enemy of the people.

Mr. Spicer disagrees.

"That's not something I've ever believed in. I believe in a fair, robust free press corps. I think it's essential to our democracy. If we have problems we should call them out. The press is essential to our democracy," said Spicer.

Mr. Rosenkrans also touted the rights of free speech and free press enshrined in the Constitution.

"Sean Spicer has the right to sell his book and say what he wants to say. We have a right to stand out here and say he's a joke," said Rosenkrans.

A book Mr. Spicer says will help us understand him as a person and the historic times we've lived in over the last two years.

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