Second Annual Port Clinton Lighthouse festival is this Saturday

Second Annual Port Clinton Lighthouse festival is this Saturday
(Source: WTOL)

. - A festival in Port Clinton is taking place this weekend to celebrate a landmark of the community's history.

After a successful first festival last year, the Port Clinton Lighthouse Conservancy has decided to make the celebration a yearly event.

This year, food vendors, historic lectures and free lighthouse tours will be offered for anyone to enjoy.

Along with the recently restored lighthouse, the conservancy has raised enough money to build an exact replica of the old lighthouse boathouse that was used from 1902 to 1952.

The replica will be placed near the lighthouse along derby pond to help visitors get a more rounded understanding of how the lighthouse was operated.

"It adds a lot of historical perspective to what was here.It wasn't just the lighthouse, there was a lighthouse keeper, and he had a home and he had a boat that he had to keep, he had to have a way to get across the river and out to the lighthouse," said Rich Norgard, president of the Port Clinton Lighthouse Conservancy.

The Second Annual Port Clinton Lighthouse Festival runs Saturday, August 4 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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