Tri-motor flights available this weekend in Port Clinton

Tri-motor flights available this weekend in Port Clinton

PORT CLINTON, OH (WTOL) - Visitors to Port Clinton can experience a piece of history first hand this weekend.

The Ford Tri-motor, built in 1928, is still up and running thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers.

A Tri-motor was used in our region from 1934 to 1977 as one of the primary connections from Port Clinton to the five Lake Erie islands.

"When the ferries weren't running, it was their lifeline. Everything from groceries to bringing the school kids back and forth, to medicines, to everything; people getting to work," said Todd Hackbarth with the Liberty Aviation Museum.

This weekend, the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton is offering 20 minute historic flight experiences for the public.

Visitors can hop into the tin goose, have a seat in the modernized seating and enjoy a lake shore flight from the sky.

The goal is to both inform people of how island residents traveled, and bring in more people to the museum.

"The reason we do it is to offer aviation to people to, get them back to Port Clinton because of the history of the tri-motor here and to come to the museum. And also, we do this all over the country throughout most of the year with two of these airplanes," said pilot Dave Ross.

Tri-motor flights will be offered all weekend long.

Friday night, the Liberty Aviation museum I holding a World War II era big band dance and a B-17 bomber on display Saturday.

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