Toledo issued medical marijuana processing plant license

Toledo issued medical marijuana processing plant license

LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - The first list of medical marijuana processing plants has been announced. At least one will be in Lucas County.

It's called Ohio Green Grow.

As it stands now, the county will also have one growing location and two dispensaries.

Ohio's medical marijuana law allows use by patients with 21 conditions including cancer and chronic pain. Marijuana will be ingested in the form of edibles, oils, patches or vapors.

Patients and their caregivers will be allowed to possess up to a 90-day supply.

Smoking or home growing is banned.

Sales were scheduled to begin September 8th but the date has been pushed back until sometime early next year.

"At the point from the seed being planted you're looking at three to four months before that plant is able to be processed and then go to the dispensary," said Kevin Spitler of the Toledo Hemp Center and a longtime supporter of medical marijuana.

He supplied marijuana to his mother when she was dying of pancreatic cancer.

"She would smoke some here and there. But the concentrate would get into her body and bloodstream to help the nausea and pain relief with the higher levels of THC," Spitler explained.

Meanwhile the state is expected to issue a total of forty processor licenses to businesses.

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