Money Talks News: Best and worst things to buy in August

Money Talks News: Best and worst things to buy in August
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Money Talks News - To everything, there is a season. And when it comes to shopping, that means every month has both potential deals and duds. And August is no exception.

So let's start with the good stuff. First, clothes.

As summer ends, retailers will start discounting summer fashion to make room for autumn apparel. Expect prices on summer clothing and back-to-school shoes to be slashed up to 60 percent.

And then there's patio furniture. According to Deal News, last August stores like Target, Walmart and Sears offered discounts of as much as 68%.

And a final thing to buy in August: Laptops, with discounts up to 25 percent.

So what about August duds?

One thing to avoid in August is Apple products. September and early October could see new models of the iPhone and iPad, which means you'll find bigger discounts when today's devices become previous-generation.

Another thing to wait on are grills. Good deals in August, but better in September.

Finally, TVs. Also good deals in August, but your best deals? Black Friday.

That's a quick look at August deals and duds. But if you want to know the best deals every single day, both online and off head to the Money Talks News website and do a search for "Deals."

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