Money Talks News: Why your parents retired richer than you

Money Talks News: Why your parents retired richer than you

Money Talks News - People who have taught and are now retired, know that a well-funded retirement is no puzzle.

But if you're young, or even middle-aged,  you'll likely find that simple retirement is slipping out of reach.

There are few reasons why.

One of the reasons is that today's workers will live longer than previous generations. Obviously that's good news, but it also means finding the money to fund those extra years. And what's going to make that harder are weaker retirement plans.

Previous generations had pensions plans, but those are all fading away.

That's when the company took all the risk and you received a guaranteed income for life.

Now what's is replacing that concept is the rise of the 401K. You're putting in your own money, you're managing it yourself.

So if you happen to run out in retirement, too bad.

Another reason perhaps your parents had it easier is because they were less likely to have take care of their parents or adult children.

In past years, retirement was less expensive. These days, thanks to rising healthcare costs, you may spend more in retirement than you did while working.

And finally, while it has never been a generous retirement income, Social Security may is becoming less so in future years.

Put all those reasons together and what do you get? A potentially a tougher retirement.

So what's next? You could save more, maybe work longer, but you can definitely learn more by heading to the Money Talks News website and doing a search for "Retirement."

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