Off The Radar EXTRA: Tornado Directions

Off The Radar EXTRA: Tornado Directions

It's an Off The Radar EXTRA! Tuesday's tornado touchdown in Point Place and Oregon lead to a great question: what direction do tornadoes typically follow in northwest Ohio? This one certainly bucked the trend. 

Since tornado records were started in the 1950's there have been over 500 documented tornadoes in our area. Many of those simply touched down but didn't have a significant path. Below is a plot of the ones that did. 

A quick glance and it looks like a game of pick-up-sticks with lines going all directions. But break down the actual directions and you'll see a clear cut trend with approximately 90-percent of all northwest Ohio tornadoes coming from the west or southwest. Tuesday's tornado traveled almost due north. That puts this tornado in very rare category of tornadoes to travel this direction with only 1 or 2 other similar tracks in recorded local tornado history. 

Below is an Off The Radar EXTRA from Meteorologist Ryan Wichman. 
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