August kicks off 'Breastfeeding Awareness Month'

August kicks off 'Breastfeeding Awareness Month'

August is "Breastfeeding Awareness Month."

Northwest Ohio has a number of resources moms can turn to for advice and support.

Breastfeeding your child during the first months of their life can help your baby's growth and intelligence.

But recently, many moms are revealing that they have shamed for feeding their child in public.

A number of celebrities have shown their support for moms by posting pictures of themselves breastfeeding, some have even walked the runway while doing it.

This support aims to highlight the benefits like reducing the risk of cancer for both mothers and babies.

It also helps them bond and aids in baby's digestion.

The Wood County Fair has set up a breastfeeding station for moms to go to to feel more comfortable while breastfeeding their child.

A number of resources through local hospitals  offer free lactation consultations.

They also have support groups that connect moms who are breastfeeding.

Medical experts hope communities will become more accepting of breastfeeding because it is a natural part of life.

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