Friends, family, travel across Ohio to honor veteran killed in Dollar General robbery

Friends, family, travel across Ohio to honor man killed in Dollar General robbery

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Services were held Wednesday for Tommy "Spider" Thacker, the veteran who intervened in a Dollar General robbery a couple of weekends ago and lost his life in the process.

Thacker was laid to rest in Grelton Cemetery, where friends, family, and over 150 bikers said rest in peace to their warrior.

Perhaps the only things Tommy loved more than bikes and his dogs, were his family and his friends, friends said.

He was described as a Marine who had a big heart who left behind an even bigger legacy after he lost his life defending his loved one and those around him in a Dollar General robbery.

An entire community is coming to grips with losing a man who, to them, was larger than life.

"That little girl in there right now, that girl meant the word to him. And this family is going to have a hard time, this community is going to have a hard time. The outreach that one person can have the effect on this many people tells you the kind of individual he was," said David "Tiny" Thompson, 35-year lifelong best friend.

Over 150 bikers drove assembled to honor Tommy's life, and the motorcycle hearse driver charged only what he needed for gas.

All of this served to honor a fellow veteran and protector.

Tommy's stepson expressed his gratitude for Tommy for showing him what true love looks like.

"I love him so much. I love my father, but I will never ever respect a man the way that I respect that man because of what he did for my mother, because my mother is my heart," said Robert Snell.

His partner, Brooke Clay said her world is forever changed without her best friend and partner in crime.

To keep his memory alive, his friends say, be real, be truthful, lead with honor and integrity, because that was the Tommy way.

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