At least $8,000 to be donated to Sunshine for Schmucker's Restaurant 70th anniversary

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There was a line out the door at Schmucker's Restaurant on Tuesday afternoon as hungry customers celebrated the restaurant's 70th anniversary.

Those customers also had an appetite to help charity, as 70 percent of the day's proceeds went to Sunshine Communities to support people with developmental disabilities.

According to the restaurant, Schmucker's Restaurant will be donating $7,000 to Sunshine and customers are donating also. At least $1,000 or more is anticipated to be collected. Donations are still being made by customers and will be taken through Saturday.

One customer donated $100 in memory of the brother of Schmucker's third-generation owner, Doug Schmucker. Paul Schmucker received care from Sunshine in the 1970s.

Schmucker's opened in 1948 and to celebrate, people enjoyed throwback prices on Tuesday.

Breakfast was only 48 cents, pop for a dime, and a slice of scrumptious pie was sold for $1.

"I am honored that the community has supported us for 70 years. It's important that we give back and say thank you to the community and we wanted to say thank you. We wanted to do that in a way that gives back to Toledo because Toledo is a great place," said Doug Schmucker, a co-owner of the restaurant.

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