Police: Robbery suspect shot and killed by police at south Toledo Dollar General after killing person inside store

Police: Robbery suspect shot and killed by police at south Toledo Dollar General after killing person inside store

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Dollar General Store in South Toledo was closed on Sunday after an officer involved shooting there on Saturday night.

Two people were killed during a robbery and its aftermath at the store in the 4400-Block of Heatherdowns Boulevard.

The only indication it was a crime scene was a sign on the front door that read 'All employees are okay.'

  • Link to map of Toledo homicides in 2018 can be found here.

It's a relief for the regulars who shop here.

"I'm just totally devastated and floored about it. I was very concerned about the management inside and other employees," said Cecila Merlld.

Toledo Police say 56-year-old Dale Slocum robbed the store. They say Slocum entered the store waving a gun and demanding money.

Police later determined that the gun was a replica.

He made his getaway behind the building where he was confronted by police.

Officer Jonathon Chio, a three-year veteran patrol officer, was first on the scene of the robbery.

Chio and Slocum exchanged shots, and Slocum was later hit and taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Inside the store police found 53-year-old Tommy Thacker stabbed to death; attacked they say, by Slocum. Police say Thacker was stabbed while trying to hold Slocum down.

Thacker's partner of 13 years was cut but not seriously injured.

Police say witnesses tried to help Thacker as Slocum tried to flee the scene.

A group on Facebook called "Returning American Warriors" posted a tribute to Thacker on their page.

Chris Mitchell who lives near the store heard the shots then went to his apartment window.

He watched in shock as paramedics frantically tried to save Slocum's life with a pile of money next to his body.

"It was crazy. Crazy as ever. Old guy robbed the Dollar General. I was on the phone with my dad, heard some shots went straight to my window and started recording. Seen the guy laying on the ground. He was trying to get up and fight a little bit. Police officers just standing there with guns holding him at gunpoint," said Mitchell. "It was only like one police officer versus him at the beginning. Then after more police showed up they handcuffed him and about five minutes later paramedics showed up. They started trying to do CPR back there for probably about 15 minutes and then I think they pronounced him dead."

Mitchell, who says he shops at the store occasionally was shocked by the night's events.

"I wouldn't think nothing like that would happen here. We're kind of like in the Maumee area. I would think we're safe. I would think not."

Across the street at the Key Korner Food Market clerk Zied Baazaui is wondering about safety too.

After the Dollar General robbery he doesn't want to be next.

"Maybe I'm going to get a gun to protect myself and my business," said Baazaui.

The killings remain under investigation.

No officers were injured in the incident.

Toledo Fire and Rescue administered care to both the victim and the suspect on the scene.

Police say Slocum had a significant criminal history invovling robbery and drug abuse.

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