Toledo launches new initiative to educate male caregivers

Toledo launches new initiative to educate male caregivers

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Tragedy has forced the Toledo Police Department, Children's Services and Mercy Heath to join together to prevent another child from being seriously injured or killed at the hands of a caretaker.

Monday marked the launch of a new initiative, aimed to educate male caregivers.

Three men caring for babies are facing a host of serious charges after police say they caused injuries to children they were caring for, ultimately killing them.

That was the motivation behind today's campaign kickoff.

In the past, Children's Services has pushed women to pick a good partner and caretaker for their kids, but now the focus is being put on men.

They are helping them know their limits when it comes to a fussy baby and where to turn to to get help.

The campaign slogan is, "It takes a strong man to be a gentle man," and it's a message that needs to spread in order to make a difference

"It's completely preventable and once these offenders put their hands on a kid and assault them, God forbid kill them, it's out there and you can't put the genie back in the bottle. The abusers life is changed forever, including the child's, so it's so important that we come together to make sure our kids are safe," said Chief Kral, of the Toledo Police Department.

Chief Kral is assigning his officers to head to barber shops, and neighborhoods and other places men hang out to hand out cards with a list of resources on the back, but also to have one-on-one conversations about the importance of caring for children.

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