Viral video sparks conversation about your rights

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - On Thursday a Facebook Live video showing what some are calling a controversial traffic stop in central Toledo went viral.

After watching it, some are asking "what are their rights when pulled over?"

The situation shown on video began Thursday after 6 p.m. with police pulling over Ryin Douglas-Reed for traffic violations. It quickly escalated to what has now been viewed more than 273,000 times on Facebook.

The traffic stop at Detroit and Vance in Central Toledo is getting a lot of attention.

One of the biggest questions is if police acted within the law.

According to a local attorney, police had probable cause to search Douglas-Reed's car after their canine alert them to narcotics. While none were found, Jerome Phillips, an attorney, said you legally must exit the car.

"If they ask you to get out of the vehicle, you get out of the vehicle," said Jerome Phillips. "You cooperate the best you can if you have a question about something you can ask the question, but do not get into a confrontation with the officer."

Phillips suggests if you are pulled over and feel something unjust is happening you should remain calm, continue to comply and either call an attorney or file a complaint afterwards.

He said at times he suggests his clients should film incidents in a respectful and non-invasive manner.

"Everybody has a phone they record video on the phone or they maybe have a camera or something and you see more and more of these cases," explained Phillips.

Toledo Police were initially in the area on increased patrols due to gun violence when the arrest took place. Phillips said when police focus on cutting down crime, incidents like this could be more common.

"Stepped up enforcement causes more of the situation where you may have a confrontation," said Jerome Phillips, an attorney. "Where you are going to have citizens stopped by the police because the police suspect there may be guns involved and they want to do a more thorough search and what ends up happening is your balancing community safety against individual rights."

Ultimately, attorneys say the best advice if you are ever pulled over is to comply with officer's requests and avoid any altercations.

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