Toledo City Councilman apologizes for alleged dine and dash incident

Toledo City Councilman apologizes for alleged dine and dash incident

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Councilman Tyrone Riley allegedly left Andy's Bar and Grill on Dorr street this week without paying the bill.

The owner told police this was the third time this had happened.

Councilman Riley issued a statement on Friday saying he regrets the incident that occurred at Andy's:

"I regret the incident that occurred at Andy's Bar and Grill Tuesday night, and directly conveyed my regrets to the owners. We have resolved our misunderstanding about the payment for food and beverages, to the satisfaction of all parties.

"I sincerely apologize to the citizens of Toledo for the manner in which I handled the situation at Andy's Bar and Grill. It was not my intention to cause any negative feelings or inconvenience. As a public official I owe a responsibility to my constituents and my family to avoid situations that place my judgement at issue. As a city councilman, I must hold myself to a higher standard. I have learned from this experience; and as a result, this kind of conduct will not occur in the future. I will work hard to regain your confidence, and as always, I will continue to do my best to serve you."

Riley allegedly visited the bar on Dorr Street Tuesday around 7 p.m.

According to the police report, the owner said Councilman Riley owed the business 76 dollars, then left without paying for his food or the service he was provided.

Owner Mohamed Mahmoud told police Riley said he was a city council member and didn't need to pay, then left.

City Council President Matt Cherry issued a statement to WTOL:

"If these allegations are true, this is conduct unbecoming of a member of City Council. Council members must be held to the highest ethical and moral standards. I have complete confidence that our Police Department will make a full investigation of this matter and the facts will speak for themselves."

Lucas County Democratic Party Chair Kurt Young also responded to the alleged incident:

"As with any other citizen, Councilman Riley should be treated as innocent until proven guilty. We need to let the legal system run its course. As a former public servant, I do understand that current elected officials owe their constituents a higher level of personal conduct and utmost respect for the rule of law. I have spoken with Councilman Riley and confirmed our shared belief in our Party's values of public service, integrity and ethical responsibility. The owners of this small business, the people investigating the situation, and the Councilman all deserve a fair investigation and for the truth to come out."

Riley has not provided any additional comment, neither have the owners of the establishment.

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