Burglary at non-profit could hurt families already in need

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Over the weekend, a heartless theft occurred at a local non-profit. Mom's House guides at-risk single parents through their own educational goals and provides tools and resources needed to become effective parents. Early Monday morning, workers showed up to find the building had been ransacked. We checked in to see how they're recovering.

Executive Director of Mom's House, Christina Rodriguez said, "Our first goal Monday morning was to continue to have operations and be normal. So, normalize as much as possible for our families so they felt minimal impact."

Commercial kitchen appliances, computers used for operations, and more than a month's supply of food were taken. For the kids, toys like their little red wagon, educational tablets, and other miscellaneous items were also stolen.

Rodriguez said, "For us, it's just a little disheartening to know that they were in our kids' classrooms and in their space. That really kind of got our hearts."

Right now, Mom's House doesn't have the commercial grade resources legally required by the health department to be able to cook for the kids.

Rodriguez explained, "This is impacting our personnel, our team. It's taking time away from us programming, doing the things that we do on a regular basis. So, long term, it will have a big impact on our bottom line."

Major damage was done to the entryway of the building. A faulty circuit breaker didn't alert police thieves were there. Those problems have now been fixed.

Sometimes it can take a tragedy to spotlight the best in our friends and neighbors. Already this week, so many have come forward to help this organization and the families involved.

Julie Haas, Program Coordinator at Mom's House expressed her gratitude for the outpouring of support they've received so far.

Haas said, "Just, thank you guys, so much, from the bottom of all of our hearts, because these little faces are the ones that tell the story, and they're the ones that are going to grow up and run the community one day, and so, because of your support and your helpfulness, they're going to be able to do that without knowing any bad thing has ever happened in their life, so thank you."

Mom's House strives to break the cycles of poverty and welfare, by offering its participants a hand up, not a hand out; but in order to do that, they need access to resources too, and are now accepting monetary donations and gift cards.

"Hopefully we have some good news very soon that the person who did this is getting caught," affirmed Rodriguez.

You can be a part of the solution! To find multiple ways to donate, and view a wish list, visit http://momshousetoledo.org/donate/

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