18-year-old gets life sentence for man's shooting death

18-year-old gets life sentence for man's shooting death

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A teenager was sentenced to life in prison on Friday for shooting and killing another man.

Eliakim Yates, 18, accepted a plea deal and was found guilty of the murder of William Axel IV, 20, in March.

On Friday it was learned Yates used a sawed off shotgun and shot Axel in the neck, killing him instantly.
Yates' attorney told Judge James Bates this all happened after his client was bullied by the victim at Whitmer High School. But the victim's mother told the judge her son never went to that school and graduated from Erie Mason.
Before the judge sentenced Yates, the victim's mother tearfully explained to the judge how she had to use the college money she saved up for her son to pay for his funeral.

The judge discussed unnecessary gun violence that today's youth seem caught up in and cited this case as a symptom of that.

Bates sentenced Yates to 16 years to life, meaning Yates could be eligible to be released at the age of 35.

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